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6/20: Adventure Sandwich

Fri, Jul 25, 2014

12-1pm. Pritzker Park, 344 S State St

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moon_and_fish_lunaseaAdventure Sandwich is a live action cartoon about the power of the imagination, creative problem- solving, and collaboration. It’s made with the help of our audience, and without the aid of green screens or computer animation.

Adventure Sandwich was born out of the desire to create children’s media that educated as well as entertained without alienating parents, siblings, and others who might watch along with our younger audience members.

The goal of Adventure Sandwich is to provide high quality entertainment that sneaks in the valuable skills that are often ignored in test-heavy school systems: emotional and creative intelligence, creative problem solving approached from unique perspectives, and arts education that promotes empathy and connection between collaborators.

The ability to think creatively and connect with others has allowed human beings to survive even when resources are limited or unavailable—Adventure Sandwich highlights these skills in a fun, unique way, with a focus on emotional intelligence, incredible original music & art direction, and fun interactive elements to boot.

This summer, join Adventure Sandwich and The Living Loop in a celebration of creativity made up of live music, action, and cardboard galore.

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